Orchestrating Lawn Health in Minnesota

We’ll perfectly orchestrate your fertilizer applications, weed control, overseeding, core aeration, and nutrient application with the Minnesota seasonal fluctuations.

Don’t’ sweat about properly timing your aeration, fertilizer, weed control and nutrient application.  Just hire AAA Lawn Service Landscape and Lawn Service.

For about $250 to $600 a year, you can sit back and enjoy a lawn that’s always green, weed free, and done for you.  On their own, the various services of lawn maintenance isn’t difficult.  But tactically implementing core aeration, weed control, fertilizer, nutrients and turf management properly throughout the massive fluctuations in Minnesota seasons can be a pain.

4 Round Always Green Package
1. Season Lawn Fertilizer

2. Full Season Weed Control

3. Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass

4. Micro Nutrient Treatment

1. Season Lawn Fertilizer

2. Full Season Weed Control

3. Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass

4. Micro Nutrient Treatment

5. +Fall Fertilizer Boost

6 Round Always Green, Plus, & Mosquito Treatment
1. Season Lawn Fertilizer

2. Full Season Weed Control

3. Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass

4. Micro Nutrient Treatment

5. +Fall Fertilizer Boost

6. +Mosquito & Insect Treatment

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Minnesota Lawn Care Services


The right fertilizers, in the right amounts, applied during the proper seasonal shift, in a consistent manner, is what professional fertilizer application is all about.

Buying a fertilizer and your own spreader is silly.  Why buy something that will take up room in your house, causing clutter and hassle?  Not only that, but your pets and kids can start digging through the fertilizer and you’ll have a bag of chemicals sitting around.

Rather than spend time spreading fertilizer on your lawn, and hoping you’ve done it correctly, spend time with your friends, family, and the activities you enjoy. We’ll make sure that your fertilizer is applied correctly,

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Weed Control: Killing Dandelions, Crabgrass & More

Minnesota’s seasonal fluctuation make for a vast array of weed problems to manage.  Whether it’s dandelion control, crabgrass control, or the broad leaf problematic greenery, we’ve got your covered.

Rich Ricke started AAA Lawn Service Minnesota back in 1993 and brought his son Mike into the business at a very young age. Our owner, Mike Ricke, is a weed exterminator, weed doctor mn, the guru of  killing dandelions, crabgrass, and the other invasive species.

Minnesota turf companies and lawn service businesses face a daunting challenge to handle the pre-emergent, broad leaf, and seasonal fluctuations.  We’d love to show you more about what we do as a weed control service out of Minnesota

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Overseeding Service

Overseeding is when you plant additional grass seed on existing turf without ripping up and extracting existing turf.   This will help improve the turf density, establish multiple densities and generations of grass seedlings, and just enhancing the conditions of your lawn.

It’s critically important to have a diversity of grass seed generations in your turf.   If you’re looking for a turf company minnesota, then we’re your company at AAA Lawn Service Mn

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Always Green Lawns & Turf Maintenance

When your lawn looks like garbage, your neighbors start to get irritated with you.

It can be really frustrating trying to get your grass to stay green and healthy when you’ve got a Twin Cities home in the suburbs. Your lawn can look really nice, evolving into magnificent turf that feels amazing between your toes.

There are two things we’re passionate about when it comes to lawns: Helping maximize property value and enjoyment from Minnesota’s lawns, and to help the wonderful famlies and individuals of Lakeville, Burnsville, Prior Lake, Farmington, Apple Valley, Rosemount, Richfield, Elko New Market, Lonsdale, Dakota County, Scott County, and anyone else in the South Metro area of  Minneapolis.

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Core Aeration Service Minnesota

We’ve been helping the average lawns in the south metro region get transformed into beautiful turf for over 25 years. And that means we’ve done thousands and thousands of core aerations in the fall.

Core aeration is a the practice of removing soil plugs throught the turf in order to open up breathing opportunities in the thatch.  Oxygen and Carbon dioxide is able to more easily “breath” and the core aeration mn helps water and soil compaction.

The bottom line is that aeration is a critical step for the health of your lawn, along with overseeding, weed control and fertilizing.

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Mosquito Control & Instects

Nobody loves spending time outdoors when the mosquitos and bugs are killing you.  Having an always green lawn is so much more enjoyable when you’ve had a mosquito control service Mn like AAA Lawn.

There are a variety of options when it comes to controlling mosquitos, we’d love the opportunity to teach you more.

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Lawn Mowing Service

Time is money.  And being able to spend time doing the things you love, or with the people that mean the most to you, is what we’re all about.

We love helping large acreage homeowners achieve a magnificent lawn.  We can provide a full service experience including lawn mowing and trimming.  You’re property will look magnificent because of our love and attention.

That’s why we’ve been having success over the last 25 years – because of our commitment to excellence.

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Minnesota Lawn Landscape and Snow Plow Services